Welcome to our Hall of Fame

Members from all over the world send us pictures and they make the Muff Diving Hall of Fame. Want to get yours in too? Simply e-mail your picture to bell.derrick@gmail.com or send it via Facebook

Connor Phillips from BBC Radio Ulster with his Muff Diving Membership Pack
“Deep Dive” Dunser from the BBC Radio interview with his graduation to VIP Member
When Twitch TV Steamer “Eviecaps” confirmed her membership to the Muff Diving Club here
Here When famous Twitch Streamer “Geestargames” joined the Muff Diving Club. View Gee Star finding out about the club here

Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1 Scott Mills Show visiting Muff, interviewing us and getting his Muff Diving Club membership in March 2019

When we made Family Feud in Australia

Ronny from Norway enjoying a juicy snack at “Fitto” in Dublin
Ivan in New York City
Mick in Sydney, Australia
Anton in Kruger Park, South Africa
Anton in Kruger Park showing the locals his swanky card.
Our new Muff member from the bush in Africa.
Jonnie in Universal Studios.
The sign as you enter the village of Muff.

When Homer meets Muff Diving Club member Phil

Ivan using his get out of jail card in New York 

Courtney Cox from Friends visits Muff in Donegal Ireland home of the Muff Diving Club
Courtney Cox from Friends visiting Muff
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